Friday, June 12, 2009

Dad's Mini album

So I'm making an accordian album for my dad for fathers day (he'll never see this! LOL). It's a 9x9 accordian from CTMH. Im not really loving this so far, I like the pages Ive done but the book itself is not really stable, I think in the future I'll stick to my chipboard or acrylic books, but oh well. It just falls down really easy and the edges I'm sure will get wrecked easily, specially on inside pages as the inside is just cardstock, not board. Anyhow. This is the front cover of Bradley's side. Dampa (the name my son gave Grandpa when he was small)'s Boy. the PP is from....'s right there on the tip of my tongue, About A Boy is the name of this line... but by who? crap crap crap... I will check when I get home. The letters are from my Cricut and from CTMH die cut sheets.

The second page of Bradley's side is this one. The Turkey Buzzard is what my dad has called Bradley since he was born (I dont know why, it's just the first thing that popped into his head at the hospital when he held him for the first time and well.... not it's kind of endearing, really!! LOL) OMG I cried looking at all these pictures when I was picking them for his page. Hadnt looked at them in a long time and well... I miss my little turkey buzzard. ALOT more than I thought. OK so Im an emotional freak anyhow, but.... moving on. The star paper is actually from Bo Bunny, it's been in my stock pile for awhile (Shelley stop laughing! I dont have THAT much paper!!! LOL REALLY!) the Cardstock is from CTMH and well... I think that is it. I found the poem on a scrapbook page I found in a mag but it was for a little girl so I just altered a few words.

This is the cover of the other side. The Girlies side! Love my girls... miss my girls. (my brother's girls for those who dont know me) The papers are all CTMH (I must be on some kind of kick lately, using them ALOT!) and the clear buttons!! Dont you LOVE THEM!! new fav thing!! from CTMH as well.... I must buy more so I never run out!!! LOL

Anyhow... that's it so far. I have the inside of the girls page almost complete now and then I just have to do Bradley's older pics on the last page and it'll be done so I can send it off. I also have a few birthday cards to make..... I'm hoping for rain this weekend so I can lock myself in the pink room! (shhhh! I may get shot for that comment!) ;o)

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Eulanda said...

That is so cool! You really need to post your scrapbook supplies book! I've figured out how to spin off from that which you'll see when posted on Sunday (hopefully)! Very nice and I love your story!