Who's Graphicat?

Who is Graphicat? Well that's me... :) My name is actually Cheri.
 I started "Graphicat" years ago when I was in University studying Graphic Design. I started my freelance Graphic Design company and called it "Graphicat." Graphic is obviously from the route of my training in.... that's right.... Graphics, as well as my LOVE of all things text and symbolism... I just love the use of a simple image to represent the most complex of ideas. And then of course I also have a love of CATS... all cats, large, small, long and short haired, grumpy and lovey. All of them. I currently am the evil captor of this Black Freedom seeking Feline who I call Monster Kitten. (For reasons I'm sure you'll hear me waffle about often) day when I was brainstorming in university for some catchy names for my  freelance company I just added the "AT" to Graphic and well... here I am. Long story made VERY short.... while I do still love to think Graphically I ultimately love to draw and sketch and put fun into graphics. And well Graphicat has ALWAYS been my alter, creative ego, when I for many years, somehow lost the desire to create too much, just always seemed to be too busy.

I started stamping and cardmaking a few years ago when peer pressure got to me! LOL I had SWORE I would NOT get into card making as I had WAY too many projects already on the go, mostly my scrapbook pages....but someone introduced me to Copics and well... my life has NEVER been the same. My dream of drawing and designing my own stamps became overwhelming and well here I am, starting the dream.

Amidst all this obsessive collecting and creating I have been so blessed to not only find a passion for something I had been missing in my life since I was a child, but I have found the most AMAZINGLY supportive and loyal friends who I just can't imagine my life without....alot of them are now my Crafty Catz Design Team, and the rest of them are the many followers on my PERSONAL BLOG

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for playing along with my sketchs and well just thank you! I can't wait to see what you create!!