Thursday, July 9, 2009

Updating the Blog!

So I had today off!! Honestly I think that in the last 3 years of my working at Schickworks today was the first day off I've had that was just that...a day! I was supposed to have a doc appointment in the morning but he endedup having an emergency surgery and it was cancelled so I just spent the day wandering about. Made my man an ACTUAL meal for a change, not a quickly thrown together something or other! And I've been on and off this damn old computer all day. I've updated the look of the blog. Hope you like. I still need to put my logo on here. I do have one, a cool one....I just need to make it into something that will transfer to here and look proper. Anyhow, this gorgeous black cat above is my shadow, Monster Kitten. He loves to help me out and yes, this is the infamous "pink" room! My sanctuary in the world and one feminine room in the house. Well, except for the big black male cat!!!

Anyhow, this cheers me up abit, my blog looks alittle more like I know what I'm doing. Im having a self-doubting day... LOL HOpe to upload more actual projects soon!


Eulanda said...

Love the new blog look and the cat is priceless!

crazymomma said...

Love it!And what is it with cats and our tables...Is it the adhesive that attracts them???lol