Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scrapbook Pages from my Weekend Crop

Ok so this weekend past I was at an all weekend crop put on by some of my dear friends at a local elementary school. These events are just so much fun to go to! What a great way to spend the weekend, nothing but scrapbooking with friends in a room full of people who share the same passion as you. It's absolutly amazing!! And while Im not the quickest scrapper by any means, I always get some fun stuff done! So, as promised here are the layouts I did while at the crop.
First of all is this FUN layout of me and my BFF Shelley. We share a passion for GOOD coffee and well Starbucks is our favorite spot. I've stamped on everything here! LOL I've used my fancy new Skipping Stones stamp set to make my background papers as well as a coffee set from Gelatins. I liked how the picture I took of the coffee cup worked on the page. I had taken the picture AFTER I drank the Carmel Macciato... so I used the top of the cup as my journal spot!

OK Next up!
My CUTE Timbit puppy! Isn't she adorable?! And she looks like she's smiling!! Which Im sure she is as she's such a happy dog. The PP I've used here is from BoBunny and the other circles I've made with some Fiskars stamps. I really liked how this simple layout turned out. Just a fun one.

This was from our trip to Saskatchewan 2 years ago (yes.... Im a bazillion years behind...) We headed there for my cousins wedding and we had to stop to take a pic of Bradley in front of each Provincial sign. He really enjoyed seeing the country on our drive...I enjoyed it abit...would have been better if I hadn't been driving the whole way... MAN! THat is a LONG drive! LOL Anyhow, my papers here are sort of a miss mash. The main paper in back is from Creative Memories. Then the orange paper is from boBunny. I cant remember the name of the lined paper stuff... darn what is it?!?! Anyhow, I've also used some cool chipboard stickers and ribbon and well, the awesome new punch I bought at Creative Accents!! Love that one, I think it's one I'll be using ALOT!

Ok...moving along....
This one Im prolly gonna be in crap for! I took these pictures of this old farmhouse on the same drive as in the LO above. My mom was with us and well....to make a long story short, after some road construction and perhaps the LONGEST stretch of road without seeing a single town my poor mom was darn near floating out of the car..... we had no choice but to find SOMEWHERE for her to um.....go... LOL and well, there are a serious lack of trees and bushes to hide behind!! So we finaly found this old abandoned farm house for my poor mom to hide behind. And well.....unfortuatly for her...her daughters' scrapbook mind took over and thought WHAT A GREAT LO?!  so viola!! here it is. ;o) heheheheeeeeee

OK and the peice de resistance... (I have no idea if that is spelt right...lol)
I have 22 pictures on this page!!!! OMG! Do I know how I did it?!? LOL not really...it just worked. Barely. I found a sketch (I wont tell you where I got it as I was NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!) the sketch says cut your pics to 2"x4" and in the drawing it shows the first 3 rows all on the same page with abit of a border around them.... ya....I didn't do the math myself till after. THAT does not work. Anyhow... I worked it out myself and well. Im pretty happy with the results. 22 PICTURES!! Hello! That has to be some sort of record!

Ok, so I bought this paper at Creative Accents (ya, we made a couple trips there to "stock up" you know that kind of serious scrapping depleats your stash!! heheheheeeee cant have THAT!) I was not really happy as the paper was called Hunting and Trapping and well.... that is not cool in my world so we changed it to happy tracks (or I did....Im not sure the paper company knows that or agrees with me, but I live in denial..it's ok)

OK! I think I've rambled on enough here. Thanks for looking. I had so much fun making all these layouts, I really do need to focus on scrapbooking more. I so enjoy it.


ms.espresso said...

Well you were MORE than a little productive last weekend, Cheri! Nice! I'm a little bit in awe of you... seriously, 22 pics? Is that even possible to do while maintaining some sort of design elements? I guess you've proven it is! Colour me impressed! (love the new for that paper, by the way-heehee!)

crazymomma said...

Wow,I'm super impressed!!I can barley finish one card in an evening!lol.I fiddle and contemplate about every little thing too much! I really love that coffee cup idea.
Is you rmomma still talking to ya??lol.I probably would have done the same thing.heeeheee

Anonymous said...

All your LO looks great!! I love that LO with the old farm house!! Too funny!!GReat job Cheri!! My Favorite Lay out here is the one with you and Shelley at Starbucks!!