Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Journey Layout ~ Cosmo Cricket

Most of the time the awesome ladies over at Creative Accents give us DT's pretty much free creative reign and we just bring them whatever our little creative minds desire, but once in awhile they make a special request, and this week it was to come up with something, a card, layout, project of some type using one of 2 Cosmo Cricket paper lines. I was given the Fast Lane line of papers and made up a scrapbook page of my Journey with Tonka for his surgery. The horrible ride down there and his trip in and out of the clinic. I didn't have alot of photos of the actual trip so I just used a fav shot of mine of him and then one of the night we picked him up (WARNING! If you are at all queasy about that sort of thing...dont zoom in on the photo as his leg is pretty nasty looking, I left off the close ups of it as one really wants to see that, those will stay in our private albums. :o) )
SO absolutly everything I've used here (well except for the adhesive! LOL) Is from Cosmo Cricket, even the letters are from their blackboard letters, I've just covered them in one of the paper lines. The journalling is very small....there was alot to fit on to there. And man....I almost blew it as I had to put it thru the printer 3X before it came out right...and well...the last time was just a cross your fingers and hope sort of deal as I was sure I was out of paper and that idea was hooped. But it came out allright in the end. Anyhow, I hope you like my LO and if you need any of these fabulous papers yourself, for a hopefully BETTER journey than the one my Tonka and I had above here.... go see Creative Accents. They have lots! :o)


Sarah said...

oohh Cheri I love the LO!! That picture of Tonka looks like he knows he's going to have surgery and he's sad about it! If you didn't say that wasn't a pic of him on his way to have his surgery I wouldn't have known that it was just a fav! those papers are awesome! I went in to get some more of the mr campy line, and ended up buying most of that one too!! Glad to see you're doing some Scrapbooking too!! You're so great at it!

crazymomma said...

Girl,that turned out so good!Not surprised that your talent expands to scrapbooking!!
I guess they say 3 times a charm!Good thing,by the sounds of it that printer was gonna learn how to fly!LOL

Hill Top Creations said...

Pages like this make me want to start the scapbooking stuff. Due the fires I have gathered up all my pictures. (three rubber made containers) and have them at the office. Might be a good time when no busy to start a sort.

Thanks for your pictures and designs. Hope Tonka is doing much better. Take Care

Eulanda said...

Absolutely FABULOUS job on this Cheri!!! OH I like the journal punch on the l/h side of your layer too. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love this! great job! I am glad to see that you have gotten back to your original roots!! I miss your scrapbook pages!! :) and no I did not zoom in on the picture! :)