Sunday, October 31, 2010

12th Day of Halloween

Well, this is IT people! The LAST Halloween card of the year! (I ALMOST want to say yippee!!!! LOL) It's our last challenge on the 12 days of Halloween at Simply Betty......which Im Almost sad about...seems odd that it's the end.... Anyhow, I sure have had a great time coming up with all these cards, I hope you have enjoyed it and played along as well.....surprising I losts no followers over my whole Diss of the Twilight characters and all.....altho it did almost cost me my BFF I was informed....LOL She got over it...I hope. :o) Anyhow, the last challenge IS WITCHES!!!! Now...I tried to use as many Simply Betty Witches as I possibly could...LOL
I had to do some fancy editing and stuff but Ive gathered them all around this here cauldron I had in my clipart. And my sentiment I made up and well, it means I hope that you all will "Hang Around for a Spell" with us at Simply Betty and join in our super fun upcoming Friday challenges!!!! Im so excited to get back to our regular challenges and events! I hope you are too. So!!! Thanks for playing along with our crazy fun 12 days! See ya FRIDAY!!!
Ooooh and well....just a little teaser for ya....but later this week.....those crazy cool images from Simply Betty we all love, the EMO's!!!! ARe coming out in their Christmas gear ...... WHooooo Hoooo!!!!! Stay tuned!
Cheers all, and Happy Haunting!!!


Betty Boo! said...

OMG Cheri I have been waiting for two hours to tell you... THIS IS FRICKEN AMAZING! I saw it on the post, yeah before everyone else hee hee... and just was floored!


Mrs Weyremaster said...

WOWZERS Cheri, this is one of the coolest cards i've seen, abosolutely adore the scene you've created and your colouring is brilliant. Love everything about it, totally awesome :)

Hill Top Creations said...

Wow Love it. Great work. Have really loved watching the 12 days of Halloween. One of my favorite times of the year. Take Care

Barb said...

This is seriously freakin' awesome, Cheri!! I LOVE how you got all of the girls together for a night of fun :)

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Wow! You really out did yourself with this one! Betty must be so proud that you got all the witchy ladies in on this!! Seriously stunning!

Jennifer said...

OMG, you rocked this challenge. GORGEOUS!

Eulanda said...

You win.

Eulanda said...

Baaaa ha ha ha ha!! Ok no seriously! OMG F'IN GAWD LADY! You HAVE to teach me how to do this. I'm a quick learner so the next time we are doing some training!! This is absolutely FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIK!! Your coloring is amazing and the whole card?!! OMG you did Betty proud!!!!

...just Barbara said...

I love this card and the colors you chose. It's one of my favorites and the green ground brings it all together. I agree with you on dissing Twilight... not my favorite books... but I DID love reading Host from the same author. ;D

Angela said...

WOW,WOW,WOW Cheri this is AMAZING!!! I love the way you added all these images into one card!! AND your coloring is AWESOME!!

Angela said...

WOW,WOW,WOW Cheri this is AMAZING!!! I love the way you added all these images into one card!! AND your coloring is AWESOME!!