Friday, October 1, 2010

On the 1st Day of Halloween

It's here!! It's Here! The FIRST DAY OF HALLOWEEN!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! What is that you ask?? Well it's the first day of October for one (also my birthday month I might add). We over at Simply Betty Challenges, The Burtonesque Dolls and Simply Betty Stamps are hosting....

Now, you're gonna wanna play along here ghouls cause there are some fantabulous prizes up our the deets here.
You will have just one Day... that's right one full day to complete the day's challenge. The girls and myself will start to vote on the favorites of the day. On the next Day of the 12 days of Halloween the top 12 will be announced, now that doesn't mean that only 12 can enter the next challenge... the next challenge we will once again choose favorites, but this time only 11 will be chosen. That means that someone from the 12 will be eliminated... but again it doesn't mean that you can't participate again because in the next challenge you may bump someone off again. At the end, there will be just one standing! That one person will win the whole SHEBANG!

What is the whole Shebang you ask? Well, each day will have a new prize, you won't win that prize on that day instead it will start to pile... and pile and pile until the prize consists of 12 fabulous prizes all together! How's that for a SHEBANG!

Just to give you a little more umph the prizes will contain Rubber Stamps, Paper Lines, BRAND NEW SPELLBINDERS, Copics, and lots more goodies! I will make sure to upload a picture of each prize each day to inspire you to continue onto the next challenge just a few days later!

So with all that said... let's get started...

On the First Day of Halloween My Ghould love gave to me... One smiling Skellington Head! Your challenge is to incorporate one or more Skelletons on your cards or project. Pretty Simple eh? Okay here is the hard part... you have until October 2nd. Ok here is my Card.

Ok, ladies it's late and I still have alot of projects to get moving on so Im gonna say caio for now and I'll show ya more very shortly!!! LMAO


Andrea C said...

this is brilliant you got so much detail on it and it looks great x

Andrea C said...
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ScrappinRPN said...

That image is sooooo cute! Love how you have set out your card, you have the coolest paper! Can't wait to see what comes next!

christys_scrappin said...

Totally awesome! Great work!