Monday, November 8, 2010

My blog needs an 'TUde Adjustment!!! ;o)

Ahahahaaa!! Ok, so APPARANTLY I have some major attitude. I was nominated alittle bit ago from my teamate Suzie as to having The Tude blog award! Which I was honoured to recieve but I just haven't had time to post it yet...LOL and then my sweet *cough cough* friend Eulanda nominated me a 2nd time... again, I was gettin to it! ... and now my other adorable, enabling friend Carla has listed me as a blogger with Tude.... WT_??? OK! So I get it, I've got Attitude! :o) Good thing I consider that a compiment huh?!?!  LOL thanks Ladies, I luvs ya too!
All I have to do is tell you 3 things that make me different from everyone else and nominate 5 blogs. What gives me the `Tude?

1. I consider a sence of humour to be a requirment in my self and friends.
2. Is happiest and most content when Im home and my boys and all 4 of my fur kids are in the house. Then it doesnt matter what happens cause we're all together.

3. Loooooves really old twangy country music.

The 5 Blogs I nominate are:

2. Barb


Eulanda said...

ha ha I'm with you on the twangy music tude friend!

Barb said...

'Tude? Moi? You talkin' 'bout me??? I am honored!

Gemma said...

Congrats! Well deserverd! Hugs Gemma

Nicole said...

Oh no...that's 2 Tude Awards! I must be full of it! The twangy eh...nasty shit! Oops...Tude slipped out;p

Anonymous said...

Tude is good girlfriend! What would life be like without it, yes? Pretty boring I think....keep up the tude girlie!

Lots & lots of hugs!