Thursday, May 26, 2011

Late Emo Preview's me.....a day or two late and a dollar short (or more) LOL But hey...Im mixin ya'll up with the previews! :) Today the team is showin ya Christian as Da Fonz... Check it out.... but me... I just gotta be abit different and reshow you Lola! ;o)  And come on....check out that HAIR!!!! OMG!!! She has almost as much as me!!! ;o)
LOL Ya....she thinks she's something else I'd say.... Anyhow! I sure hope you're enjoying our Emo's blast from the past previews. They'll be released for ya TOMORROW Woot woot!!!! 


Carol said...

Beautiful and bright! Love this card, TFS

Jacqueline said...

Wow - love it- i love pink and green they work so well together.
~ Jacqueline
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LouDotMac said...

Such a fun and bright card, her hair is AWESOME!! I love the mini flowers and that big green bow, sooo cool!!

Thanks for sharing, xo Lou Mac.

Tanya S said...

Ha haa she's fab.I say better late than never.I'd say you proved that.I LOOOVE that big green bow!!Great card hun!!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair! What a fabulous card, definitely worth the wait!