Friday, October 11, 2013

Trixie Mixed Media Canvas

Here is another canvas/scrap page/mixed media/art piece etc etc. I said in a previous post here that I had stopped doing cards (not forever, just taking a break and trying some new things) so instead of cards I've been trying to make up wall hangings or canvases for my friends and family birthdays rather than cards.

This canvas is for my sweet young cousin in Saskatchewan. Her beloved dog Trixie passed away a few weeks ago and she's been really sad. I reallly wanted to do something to help make a tribute to her *pretty girl* and maybe ease her sorrow. I am SO proud of you Baillee.

This was one of the canvases I had STARTED to try to do in the style of Anna Dabrowska... but... I just like the look of everything in it's natural colour?!?! I don't know if that's the right wording... LOL... I sure love these new laser cut wood or chipboard designs tho! Favorite new product at the moment!

OK!! Sure hope you like!!!

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dianne herrett said...

what a great idea love it !!!!