Sunday, September 13, 2009

I WON!!!!

I Won!! I Won!!! Who hoo!! I won my first challenge! Im so excited, I dont even know what I won....I didn't read it I was just so excited I had to post this first!!! Who hoo!!! I won over at the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge You must go check it out! I love these ladies! ANd not just cause I won! LOL But you know I had more comments on my entry than I've ever had on any other site! It was great! And you know I'm entering again this week and next week and and and..... Who hoo!!! I won. You know, I used toa be a person who never won anything! But now! I won the prize from my LSS a month or so ago and now this! Perhaps the tides have changed!! Yeay for me!


Eulanda said...

LROL! Congratulations!! I'm off to check it out right!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!! Congrats!! :)