Monday, September 7, 2009

Whiff of Joy Guest Designer Call

OI! I can never get my pics loaded in the order I want them! I forget EVERY TIME!!! Geesh! So, please take the time to scroll down and see all of them.
The photo of the whole card seems so dark, the sentiment on the card says
"A FRIEND may well be RECKONED the masterpeice of nature"
Whew!! Here she is, my entry for the Whiff of Joy Guest Designer call over at Katarina's I was so excited when I saw this call as the Whiff of Joy's are some of my favorite stamps and well, I think they're they site I enter the most challenges for! They were certainly my first challenge site anyhow. Ive learned alot and "scraplifted" some amazing ideas from their current design team. I HOPE they like my colouring and my design. Cause, I think this one D*** near gave me a coronary! LOL SO, below is my girl, from the Fall line, my fav of the bunch I think (well next to Mathew of course! ;o) )

What I have done with her is coloured her many many times over... LOL.. and then poped her up like paper toille ( I did that YEARS ago!!). This was fun, looks GREAT, but my goodness... I must be crazy as it's alot of work. But's for a GREAT design team!! Had to go all out. LOL
Thank you for looking!


Eulanda said...

OH MA GAWD CHERI! This is a winner for sure! Wow! YOU ARE A COPICS QUEEN!! Where did you get the leaves from? Is that a punch cuz I spent waaaay to much time cutting out all my little flowers. I LOVE this stamp! Great card!

Anonymous said...

LUV it LUV it LUV it!

I've said it many times before (doubt I will ever stop!) But you are a fabulous artist - such amazing talent! SO jealous - LMAO!
My favorite thing?...I get to call you my friend!


crazymomma said...

Amazing!!Definetly a winner!Youi gotta teach me that paper toiling thing cause the effect is FANTASTIC...