Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mojo Monday

This is my take on this week's Mojo Monday sketch. You know how a card looks FAB in your head, but then you lay it out and well it's just.... missing something? That's sort of how I feel about this one. It almost made it into the bin a few times...I tried to put more onto it...and well...I like it abit better this morning but it's still....on the edge... anyhow. I thought WTH just load it up and go with it. I've made it for my dear friend, who for the past 2.5 years has lived next door to me, and well, we've had some great times with her being next door. THere's nothing like having your partner in crime (when it comes to scrapbooking anyhow) living next door. Anyhow...she moved yesterday. Makes me very sad. So Im blamming my emotions on the missing element to this card. Im counting on the fact that she's busy moving and unpacking and not looking online to see this ahead of time...Im just loading it cause the deadline for MOJO is today. I am going to see her new house later today and give it to i should be safe in her not seeing it before then.

So this is from one of the stamp sets I got at the BC Creative Expo, from Crafty Secrets. It's a retro/vintage coffee set!!! Um HELLO! Did they make this set just for me??  Anyhow... LOVE IT....could not wait to use it and well.... I think it went well with this card for Chris.The papers are Doodlebug and that's really all I've used on it. thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

I love this card! and yes it was a great 2.5 years beside you!!Just so you know I will always be your Partner In Crime even if I lived across Canada!!!!

It is not missing anything!! It is perfect!! Thank you!! :)

Eulanda said...

OH this is so KA-UTE!! Love the sentiment!