Sunday, November 15, 2009

Merry Chrismoose ~Snowglobe card

So on Friday night I decided to go and hang out with some of my fellow teammates over at Creative Accents and Tanya was making some shaker cards. I've been meaning to make one forever and well seeing her make hers inspired me to get to it! So for fun I made up this little snowglobe with the Stampendous Merry Chrismoose inside. I think it turned out cute. Ive MADE myself leave it alone as it seems like I need to add a bunch of stuff around the snow globe BUT I kept thinking Im overdoing it so...I'm lettin it be!!  I was pretty happy with the whole shaker card/snowglobe thing. Had to run it upstairs to show Jay! LOL


ms.espresso said...

Love all that snow, Cheri! I'm gonna have to pull out my Christmoose stamp, he looks fantastic in a snow globe shaker! Thanks for joining us on Friday- hope you can come again soon :)

crazymomma said...

Well,how humbling to know I inspire...It turned out Fabulous,it needs nothing more!!