Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fellow Scrapbooker in need and Copic Club

Hello blogland. Seems I've been neglecting my blog abit this past week, I think I've lost my mojo abit. But it'll be back no worries. I need to write to you unfortunatly about a friend and fellow crafter in need. A good friend of mine's house burned down last night, and they have lost everything. And while the word "everything" is heart-wrenching enough, I as a crafter and scrapbooker instantly thought....OMG!!! Her albums!!! Her STUFF!! And while I can do nothing to replace beloved scrapbooks and lost photos... I CAN help replenish her stuff!! I as I know most of us do, have a BUNCH of unused supplies that I can donate to her to help ease her incredible loss. Now, I've talked to my ladies at Creative Accents and they're more than happy to be a drop off spot. So if any of you Cariboo Crafters out there are able to donate some items PLEASE PLEASE drop them by there so we can help a fellow crafter relace alittle of her loss. The story is here if you're interested.

NOw.... I also wanted to remind or let you know about an upcoming Copic Club night at Creative Accents as well....This Friday, April 15th I will be teaching another fun colouring night. We're gonna focus on shading and shadows this week. So we'll colour a variety of images and I'll explain how and where and why I place shadow's where I do. Discuss how greys can fill the gaps in your colours and well....just have the best time colouring since we played with crayons! :) Sure hope to see you there!!!


Scrappinrpn said...

I am so there on Friday,can't wait to learn more of your tips.

Amanda said...

Good luck with your class! Wish I lived closer!!

Is there an address I can send some stuff to? Should I just send it to the store?? Cheri, you can email me with where I can send some stuff...just looking around I can see a bunch of stuff I can send! I'd be glad to help out...Thanks!


Katt Korpsgryndr said...

I have damn near built my craft room from hand me downs and pay it forwards. I'd love to do the same for this poor lady. I'm in California, is there somewhere I can send it or drop off stuff?

Katie said...

My heart sank when I read your post- my mom's house burned down last August while my sister and I were there and was completely destroyed so I know exactly what they are going through. I'm in Idaho and would love to send some things her way if you have an address I could send to. Thanks!

Sarah said...

aaww!! that's so sweet of all you out of town crafters!! Cheri, I'll bring some stuff to the store sometime next week!

Tanya S said...

I've got a box goung..and I'll see ya friday

Teila said...

Thanks for posting this Cheri! I've taken some things over already, and whatever is dropped at Creative Accents, I will be picking up on Saturday - Thanks for everyone's support!
If anyone knows of an apartment or basement suite (possibly with some furninshings) that allows a small dog - they are in immediate need!

Thanks again,