Friday, August 5, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 5 ~ Someone You Love

OK... I dont know if I'll MAKE it today to enter the linkz... but I DID take some pics today (alot more than I show here mind you LOL) Today's challenge on the 30 Day Photo Challenge over at oh So Lovely the challenge is "Someone You Love" and while I had full intentions of takin a pic of JAY.. he said absolutly NOT and told me to go take a pic of "your cat" was what he said (he's a tad's friday...he's worked a LONG day and met at the door with a woman with a cheezy grin and her camera.... really, who could blame him?!??! LOL) I do have plans tho for a great pic of him I wanna take. But it'll have to wait for a better husband mood day... :)
So.... I took a pic of .... MY CAT! LOL

And while I DO love my CAT as much as any human, I do feel like I should have taken a pic of a PERSON. *sigh* but with hubby's *absolutly not* stance and my sweet boy at grandma's till Sunday... I had to settle for taking this picture of my son below. It's an oldie of him, but it's one of my favorites.

OK.... that's it for today. :) It's funny how, I haven't taken alot of photo's lately...but now.... I find myself walking around the house with it....trying to find MORE things to photograph! It's a good thing.


ms.espresso said...

Yay for the photo challenge, I'm totally doing the same thing, looking for photos to take... when I took maybe one photo in the whole month of July (apart from card photos). It's a good thing. LOVE that photo of your cat, so glad I'm not the only one to photograph a cat LOL.

Hill Top Creations said...

You know I am going to have to look at that list today.. I love the pictures you all have been taking. Take care love your shots..