Thursday, October 3, 2013

Abby's Canvas (that I made forever ago!!)

Well.... Apparantly I never posted this! Geesh! I was just looking at the blog as I do some posting and scheduling and I posted the canvas I made for my older neice Ellie but not Abby's! I have no idea what happens in my brain these days, but it sure doesn't function as it used to....

I made this sparkly pink creation for my sweet little Abby. Who, like her Auntie, loves all things PINK, sparkly and has four feet and fur!!! Yup! She is destined to be a crazy cat lady just like her Aunt... a crazy cat lady that will go berzerk over dogs!!! haha That little girl is an 8 year old Ceasar Millan! 

I sure had fun making these up for the girls. I hope you like it too!!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blogging land I am so happy that you are back!! :) I missed you! This is a beautiful canvas and I am sure your niece loves it!!I really love that light bulb embellishment! Beautiful!!