Saturday, October 5, 2013

Awesome Brad Mixed Media Canvas

OK! So I am BACK! And with a vengeance! There should be a post every few days here for you for the next little while...and I'm hoping (not promising) that that trend will continue...forever! I have found some scrappy mojo the last little while and have been creating again, just not blogging so I'm about to type up a bunch of posts and schedule them for next week. 

I have not been making a lot of cards lately... truthfully, while I LOVE making them, receiving them, looking at them, they have NEVER come very easy to me. I always stressed over them so much! A while back I started scrap-booking again, and it truly is my first love... but I also have been fascinated with the new trend of mixed media art journals and canvas art pieces. As a graphic artist I of course am an artist first and foremost so these new exciting trends in the paper crafting industry gets me so excited!!! 

So! First up!! I made this canvas in the style of Anna Dabrowska and Gabrielle Pollacco
I have tried to do one of these a few times but always take a different turn, and they end up looking very different. Which is one of my FAVORITE things about art... you get inspiration from others but then take it YOUR WAY.... everything is original then. Anyhow, when shopping with my mom one day a few months ago she saw a sample peice done by Anna Dabrowska at a scrapbook store lucky enough to have her coming to teach classes for them and she fell in love with the sample so I wanted to follow thru all the way on this one for my mom's 70th birthday. 
Happy Birthday Mom!

This is picture of my son at his Grade Seven graduation. It was so fun to add all the layers with embossing folders and molding paste and wood elements... then you cover them in Gesso and use spray inks to cover everything. Honestly, it is WAY outta my comfort zone (which is ALWAYS a good place to push yourself as an artist! LOL). I sure hope mom likes it, and you all as well! 

Thanks for sticking around for so long here on this abandoned blog of mine....stay tuned for more!

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