Friday, January 3, 2014

Be The Change Canvas

Hi again.... It seems I've almost forgotten how to do this. This blogging, social media side to crafting that I used to love so much. I'm determined to find my passion for it again, but its not like technology waits for anyone and while I've been down and out things online have changed and I'm having a hard time re teaching myself about it all. Plus I have changed... my focus has changed. While I have loved making cards, it never came easy to me, and at the moment I want to do MORE....create bigger, larger pieces. Document life and what inspires me. So that has become a resolution for me, to create and grow as an artist. To learn more and create art that says something, even if Im the only one speaking the language.

Anyhow.... I'm not going to rant on here about too much. I was able to be creative for a couple days and I'm now paying for it dearly... but I finished this canvas. A canvas that says one of my favorite mottos:

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

And so just to show you how friggin difficult everything is for me these days..... viola.... sideways picture that is not sideways ANYWHERE ELSE!! Bloody Hell!! 
OK... Im done for now. Hope you like it and thanks for stopping over!


Hill Top Creations said...

It is lovely and I have seen it right side up.. take care ..

Sarah said...

Cheri I'm so glad you have manage to get some crafty time in! I love the quilted starburst pattern and that frame! Hope to see more soon!

Carol W. said...

Beautiful canvas! Love the sentiment. So excited to see you get a little crafty again! Hugs my friend and hope the new year is good.