Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pain in the A** Art Journal

Soooo.... being more creative was one of my resolutions this year. And while you probably wouldn't know as I have not exactly been posting much...I HAVE been doing some stuff.... it's just all of it ends up in the naughty corner!!! Ugh! Sometimes creativity is hard! right? I have been struggling lately and I realized why...I am continually watching and admiring others works of art on youTube and Pinterest thinking Im gonna do THAT!!! But of course, while I may find it gorgeous and inspiring, it's not my style, so when I try to CAS something I end up overworking it or hating it and hucking it into a corner pissed off and cranky that it doesn't look like I want it to. WHEN WILL I LEARN TO JUST ACCEPT MY OWN STYLE AND ADMIRE OTHERS??? Ugh! Prolly never! Anyhow! I have watched quite a few youtube video's by Vicki and I really admire her style cause I think it's closer to my own! haha!!! So I based this journal entry on her style and I was pleasantly pleased... I have learned a few things, such as my white CTMH ink and gel medium do not get along.... lol and well... I have left my heat gun at a friends so there was alot of waiting and a few, oops not dry enough moments.

If you're a FaceBook friend of mine or a real life friend of mine you should know what's happening in my life and what this page is all about, but if not, here it is. The reason I've been so lax at posting and creating the past year or two is this: I have severe osteoarthritis in my lower spine, it has caused some significant damage to my discs, including 2 collapsed discs, hairline fractures in my spine and spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal column). My spinal cord is being pinched and causing incredible pain in both my back and my legs. I am unable to stand or sit for very long at a time and forget walking or shopping.... it's been horrible. During this time I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which causes sleep problems and more pain in every other part of my body not effected by the Stenosis. I live with some pretty intense pain on a daily basis. Some days are better than others. I am waiting for surgery.... waiting waiting waiting!!! I am hoping to get the call any day now (or weeks ago!!!) telling me when..... SO! That is what this entry is about. It's pretty self explanatory!

So, some details. The journal itself is Dyan Reavely's I love how big it is and the paper is a nice weight cardstock, but I did still glue 2 together for extra umphf! I painted the background and used a TH tissue tape around the border. I made all the pill bottles and needles and pills by drawing most of them. I used the wrist tag I had from my most RECENT hospital visit (last Friday...I think they know me by sight now). Anyhow, I used Gelatos for some shadowing. I used some Basic Grey letter stickers for the smaller headlines and drew the arrows.... I painted over most of it with a modge podge...but that's where we ran into trouble!! LOL the white stamp ink I'd used on the title letters and the TH skeleton stamps and it ran....oh well....c'est la vie!

OK! I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope to have more for you very soon. And I'm hoping to try doing a video of art journalling soon for you.


Hill Top Creations said...

I don't like what you are going through... but I like what you did on this page ... it tells a very important story.. take care my friend HUGS

Anonymous said...

Great to see some of your work! You have one of the most beautiful scrapbook/cardmaking styles I know! Do not change a thing lady!! Love your art journal!! Can't wait to see more!!

~Lady B~ said...

I love your AJ page and can relate, having chronic pain for a decade now. Although I hate you are in so much pain, I'm glad you post the things you go through. It brings awareness to others and makes those with any type of chronic pain or illness feel less alone. Your artwork and journaling rocks!