Monday, March 24, 2014

Project Life

YUP!! I have joined the masses and am trying my hand at Project Life! On top of my mixed media and painting this year I decided I wanted to try to document this year, this year that I HOPE is my road to health! Or at least to be able to function as a normal person again. So I have been trying to do my best at taking pictures to document and remember how life changes for me.... I was trying to do a photo a day, but that is just not working out...but that is's like a diet. No one is perfect, just don't give up! Anyhow! I have done a few pages in my pretty Pink LIFE book from Project Life and here's a shot of the first few pages I've put together!
In the title page I just used this *selfie* of me with my favorite Nikon camera. The boys gave me a great new zoom lens for Christmas (that's not the lens on it here) and so I'm hoping alot of my photos will be even better, taken with this new awesome equipment! I did use it to take the awesome photo of Monster in the bottom right corner.
So, while I am trying to make the entire book NOT about my fur kids...there will be alot of pics of them in here! LoL I do spend an awful lot of time with them since I am stuck at home in pain most of the time.

My resolutions for this 2014 year is for a few things. To take more photos and do something creative everyday. And of course to get HEALTHY! Here I'm showing my pink room and one of my first canvas projects of the time in my tub!!!

So....Dogs and Coffee... and BIG part of my life! hehe
Love my Keirig!

And of course my STACK of pain meds! I am hoping the picture at the end of this year of my medications will be MUCH MUCH smaller...if there is even any! fingers crossed!

Anyhow! This is just the start, I have abit more done but not alot. As everything else I am a little behind, but that's stress! I DO Have abit of news! GOOD NEWS! I got the call for surgery today! It's been a long time coming but April 2 I will have a Laminectomy and Dynamic Stabilization done on my lower spine! So it's official, I am on the road to recovery!
Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

Project life looks so good! Something you can do upstairs and not have to try and make it down the stairs. Congrats on the surgery date!! So happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your recovery. I too have health challenges. I'm determined to work around them to do my art. You are a wonderful photographer and artist You have a real talent for the collage.