Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Memory PINK Mixed Media Canvas

Hello Chipboard lovers! It's Cheri again with another canvas done for you using ALOT of Southern Ridge Trading Co laser cut chipboard. I had some fun with this one....of course cause it's ALL in pink! I have always found the more you create, whether it's cards, scrapbooks, paintings, sculpture, that the more you create, the easier it becomes, and since I've been trying to do something creative everyday.... I'm finally feeling the "mojo" and having much more fun! Maybe that's why I didn't even mind using SO MUCH chippy goodness on this one! hahaa! I'm also abit of a hoarder of supplies!

OK enough chit chat! Here's my pink creation!

I Made the first part of this while I was hanging out with one of my besties (you can check her blog out here, she's pretty awesome!). We had a great day crafting together! As I said I had a fun laying out the start of this, tearing and glueing down some patterned paper, laying out the chipboard where I wanted it. Adding some lace and molding paste, and then of course adding a layer of gesso. And THEN it got hard... lol I took it home and I'm gonna blame that, that I didn't have my craftin buddy with me. Cause after I got home and added some sprays of pink.... I just got stuck in my head. I texted some more friends for help... ack... so disregard the above message about it getting easier! hahaa

Anyhow! Thanks for checking things out, I hope you like!

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Tanya S said...

This turned out awesome. I love the colors ! I absolutley gonna steal the dress I am totally a chipboard hoarder lately too. Can never have too much in my opinion.
Hugs !