Monday, July 14, 2014

Art Journal ~ Splash Eye

Hello friends! Thought I'd pop on here quick to show you a completed page in my art journal. I'm not sure how you all journal (if you don't, you should! It really helps wake up the mojo!) but I usually have 2-3-4 pages on the go at one time, and I'm not even sure any are truly finished ever! Sometimes it's easier to just work on a page I've already got started than stare at a blank page wondering where to start. So there's always a few pages to help kickstart my creativity. I also use the journal to try out ideas I see online somewhere to try it out myself before jumping onto a larger canvas or *good* paper.... this entry was one of those type things. I watched this AWESOME video of a "Splash Eye" It was a really great watercolour and ink type drawing/painting that I HAD to give a try! So, here is my attempt:

So, I tried to follow along and do the same as what PeeGeeArts has done, she used a mixture of pen and ink I believe (the video is done on time lapse and she doesn't always show what she is using) but i recoqnie the india ink jars. I used pencil to draw the eye, then I used my H2O's as it's the closest thing to water colour I have right now, plus I love the sparkle! and of course I used pens to outline and draw in the lines of the eye and drip marks. Then, I just started to doodle in that title, I LOVE typography and letters and the art you can make just using them!
OK, that's all for today, I'll be back soon with more journal entries and mixed media fun!!
Happy Crafting!

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Carisa said...

This is gorgeous!! Love all the drippings!