Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cats Love Coffee Acrylic Painting ~ Happy 40th Tanya!!!

So I have ventured away from paper-crafts somewhat the past month or so and I have really started enjoying my creativity and venturing out in the art world. As many of you know it's been a REALLY tough few years for me...I am on the mend from my back surgery but it's a long and bumpy road. Drawing, painting and just creating has become my safe place and I try to do a little of it every day... I can't always do much but a little is better than nothing.

So!! A couple weeks ago at a fun girls creative get together we had a little surprise party for one of my dear friends Tanya (Obsessed Crazy Momma if you wanna check her blog out!!) joined us in the 40 something club! I had not gotten time to do one of my mixed media canvases together for her as I was busy painting some new pieces for the Williams Lake Art Walk, so I took a new canvas and wrote on it for her that I would paint her a special piece on this canvas.... and so here it is!!! I hope you like it my friend as It's a hard one to part with!!

So I have been on this cats and coffee theme for a while, combining my two favorite things! Which I know Tanya is pretty fond of as well. She has had a siamese (one of my favorite cats too) as well as a tabby so I wanted them to be special. And I LOVE coffee mugs! Drives my hubby nuts as I'm the only coffee/tea drinker in the house but I'm ALWAYS buying new funky mugs! So I used  a little inspiration from my zentangle pinterest board to make up the patterns. I also LOVE to make things pop out of the border, so I drew and painted the flowers in the vase on some thick cardboard and then used some matte medium to glue it onto the painting. Here's a few more shots

We also have a cat that looks like this one, her name is Pilchard and she really looks like Tanya's Boomer except that I think Boomer is twice Pilchards size! That teal blue mug is a favorite for me, wish I could find one!!

And this pretty little Siamese reminds me of some of the cats I had growing up! Such a wonderful breed of cat! Love their loyalty. 

And here's a shot of the flowers. I had asked Tanya what her favorite flower was and she said Lillies, which was not a flower I was used to drawing...I tried! lol I do love how the lilacs came out! They are my favorites! hahaaa I really did paint this for ou Tanya...we just have a lot in common!!!!

I so hope you love it my friend!!! Happy belated Birthday!!!
PS.....don't let Ruby and Bru eat it!!!!


Hill Top Creations said...

Oh my Outstanding.. well done.. I am sure she will be very happy with it.. take care

dianne herrett said...

wow that is awesome great talent <3

Jacqui Ferguson said...

What an amazing piece of artwork...awesome my friend

Tanya S said...

OMG make a girl cry.I love this so much.It is soooo me I really don't have a fav flower ,yes I do like lilies but I love all flowers. Sunflowers and liliacs are special to me becasue of my mil passing away.I too collect cups lol And yes this won't be a snack for Bru and Ruby lol. So you couldn't have nailed me any better !Again Thank you sooo much !