Friday, December 12, 2014

Fall Farm Painting

Ooooh! 2 blog posts in a week!!! I'm back friends! Today tho I'm sharing a painting I have been working on bit by bit this fall (oops and now winter? although it's looking like spring outside here right now). I am really feeling inspired lately, inspired to paint more! Actually I always have a bunch of plans and ideas running through my head, I just either don't feel up to it or busy or whatever other life excuse throws  in my path. But, I'm not gonna focus on that and just show you my colorful fun painting that may be my new favorite piece!

Here it is!!! The photos not great and sorry bout the watermark (so many horror stories of art being stolen online I'm a tad paranoid) but isn't it bright and cheerful?? Ussually after I work on something so long I come to hate it... I think that's fairly common in an artists world... but this one I have always loved. It took a while longer than I would have liked but hey, no worries... it's done now. :)
I think one of my favorite parts is of my handsome black cat (my own Monster kitten is sitting right by me as I type, he's always with me). he's cute right?

I also LOVE the barn and truck. When I started the painting I had in mind an old farm truck I used to ride around my Uncles farm with my dear Uncle Roy. That truck was OLD 20 years ago when I was in it, rusted out, springs sticking outta the seats, completely rusted... it was AWESOME! It's still there, on the farm, but sadly it doesn't go far these days. I was searching for a picture of it but can't seem to find it.... Anyhow, I had to brighten the colour up as the rusty brown colour was fading into the dirt. Love how it turned out.

I hope you like it as much as I do! Now... on to my next work!
Thanks for looking!

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