Sunday, January 11, 2015

LIFE BOOK 2015 ~ Warm Up excersize

Ok!!! So I can not  wait to tell you about Life Book... or maybe most of you have heard about it and I'm just last one on the train as is usual in my world! haha! That's ok, at least I'm on the train! I have been searching for something like this to do this year but I was just really not sure what I was going to do, then on NEw Years Eve I stumbled on Life Book... I signed up before I could think about it too long and WOW! im so glad I did! Many of you will know from following me for a time that I've been battling with not only a bad chronic pain disorder (back surgery and Fibromyalgia) and brought along with that I have been struggling with clinical depression. It's been a really tough few years.... But I am determined to change my life this year and LB I can honestly say has opened the door for me! I was not only excited about the weekly journal courses but pleasantly surprised to discover the self care and inner self exploration (if that's the right term??) Funny how the universe works sometimes isn't it? (sorry for the long babbling post, bear with me) Before Christmas, at a girls luncheon a dear friend, who's been worried about my depression, gave me a very special gift. A gift of a book on meditation and a crystal... I've been trying to find an alternative way to deal with my pain and my depression rather than the host of Rx meds I take currently. and I was excited to give meditation a try. Well I was just so surprised when I discovered Tam (LB founder extrodinaire) does guided meditaion as a part of Lefe Book!!!  How freaking cool is that! OK... I'll try to say less and show more!! lol

FIRST lesson was to listen and follow a guided meditation (you do not NEED to do the meditation if it's not your thing!) and during the meditation see what comes to you... A word or feeling you want to express this year? An affirmation? What? And for me, in my meditation I saw a cherry tree in bloom, everything was pink and soft and pretty and there was a swing.... So when we had our warm up excersize which was mostly a mixed media collage... this is what I came up with.
I used gelatoes and stamps... alittle drawing... it was so fun and not really in my comfort zone...which is much stiffer and shall I say Anal? lol  My word for this year is HEAL...for obvious reasons.
But I don't just mean physically heal (altho that is taking it's sweet-ass time I might add!!)  but emotionally and mentally... I need to HEAL. I wrote a few affirmations down.... Many LBers put their afirmations in a little envelope, but mine are out in the open as I am always an open book. :)
There's a quote there that I love and it speaks to me... but it's hard to see in the picture so I'll write it here for you.
*Sometimes we stand in that place too long between giving up or seeing just how much we can take... Before you give up, Look How Far You've Come!*
I have come a long way from where I was, I have to remember that. My affirmations for the year are to:
~Breathe in the Future. Breathe out the Past
~You ARE strong enough!
~Be Healthy!!!!
~Take good care of myself

OK.. that's it for this first post of my Life Book journey! Maybe you want to join us???

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