Friday, January 16, 2015

Life Book ~ Art of Lettering with Joanne Sharpe

This was a super fun week for me! I love text, words, quotes, typography... all of it... maybe it's the graphic designer in me but it's always been a passion of mine. So I was so excited to find it the focus this week and the wonderful Joanne Sharpe was our teacher!! I loved what she taught us so much that I went a tad crazy... I found a quote that I love about art rather than use the exact one she gave us in the lesson and then I just got carried away doodling around the letters... haha! Its the combination of the constant inspiration I get from the Life Book community AND the fact that my new studio is so easy and accessible to me right now but I literally do not want to do ANYTHING else.. I just want to draw and paint and glue stuff together! ha! So... well I'll show ya what I mean.... here's my entry for the week!
OK... so see what I mean?? There is ALOT going on here. It was fun so that's really all that matters to me. :) I loved how easy the lettering was, I of course erased and re drew them a few times but not nearly as many as usual honest! and then... I wanted to add a cat somewhere cause I always want a cat involved somewhere and that's when the insanity kicked in and I just kept drawing and drawing and drawing... LOL on well. It's a fun piece. I used my watercolours, they really don't get used enough, they aren't a medium that comes really easy to me like acrylics do, I think it's cause you have to work quite quickly so that you don't let them dry that makes it hard for me as I over analyze every paint stroke, but it's good for me to have to work fast too so I pledge to use them more!!! Here's a couple close ups for you...
First the top part, doesn't the cat sitting top of the Worst word look like Lil'Bub? it was an accident but then I added the little tongue just to make it her. :)

 I plan to go back over the creativity again, the pink is abit splotchy but I was excited to post as well as I have a bunch of other projects I NEED to work on... I've just been having fun playing with Life Book and reorganizing the studio I'm falling behind on some other projects! Such a tough life problem eh?? lol

And then of course the bottom portion.. soooo many cats! haha! I wish I could have so many. However, I'd be divorced for sure! hehe

So, in case you're having a tough time figuring out what it says cause I have SOOO much going on in here. (which is exactly why I used my neon coloured acrylics on the lettering to make them stand out) the saying is...

"The Worst Enemy of Creativity is Self Doubt"

I loved this cause it really is so true, I have to remind myself this alot as well as others. In the Life Book Group itself there are alot that need to hear this as well! Ok... I must go paint something else now!!!
Happy creating peeps!!!

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Karen Gist said...

Just popped over from Life Book! Had to have more of a look at your gorgeous work!!!! This is undoubtably stunning...I adore the cats and all their expressions! From another mad cat lady addicted to tea :-D x