Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 4 - 5 - 6 of Life Book 2015

Hey my friends. Ive got a big post for you today, to post a few of my life book classes. Im not sure I will always post the assignments. For instance there's one bonus class I'm not posting as I just do not like my result and while the perfectionist in me says keep pushing and either work it to death or start over, that's not the point to Life Book I don't think. Plus, I don't want to post a big description on HOW each page is done as it's really the instructors techniques and concepts so it's really up to them to release their secrets. you really should join if you's amazing!
Ok so week 4 was a fun little lesson by Patti Ballard where she shows us how to paint the cutest little ballerina on a tight rope. Her example was adorable but I was convinced I had to make her into a curvy girl and this young lady emerged. I'm really  happy with her.

The next week was with Rachael Rice and we were to make a dream catcher. And while I love the symbolism of a dream catcher.... I'm not a fan of the actual thing, I think it's because they traditionally are made of animal hides and I just can't take that.... I know, silly, but it's who I am. However! I have been following some amazing artists who paint the most amazing Mandala's and I've been wanting to give it a try, so I did and made that the center of the dream catcher instead. I wasn't really happy with how it turned out but I did like the rest. Of course my word for the year is HEAL but I've also been struggling with TRUST lately... trust in myself and others, I don't like that and need to work on that alot this year. so here is my dream catcher...

So, while the original instructions called for a collage, I just drew the whole thing. Most area's are painted with either acrylic or ink. I coloured the feathers and other dangly bits with pencil crayons. I need to use them more... they're an old favorite from childhood.

And last up is Week 6 and a super fun and inspiring class taught by our awesome leader herself, Miss Tamara Laporte. Im falling in love with this adorable lady and talented instructor and artist! She's just amazing. This awesome class is again and collage of layers and various mediums but my goodness... the result is fun and different than I thought I'd do. I even stuck to the plan this go around!!! haha!

My subject matter IS different than the original... but it is MY life book so... it needs cats and coffee in as many pages as I can get them into! 

Ok... so there you have it! the last few week classes. I am getting faster as I get more and more comfortable with my own abilities and it's not like giving birth anymore! haha as we all know, they more you create, the easier it becomes. :) So I am actualy getting time to do some other projects. So stay tuned as I'll have some more posts and mixed media fun to show you very soon!

Thank you SO much for stopping by!

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