Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Upcoming Mixed Media Class

So as I am healing I am not only getting more and more creative, but I've started teaching again. I taught the little ART canvas (see previous post) at a local fundraising crop for the Womens Shelter here in town. I am working out some classes to begin teaching at our local Dollar craft store starting the beginning of March and this mixed media canvas I am teaching at another fundraising crop coming up in 2 weeks. I really enjoy teaching and I'm excited to get started again. I will also be making youTube videos with tips, techniques and just fun artsy stuff! Stay tuned!!!

OK... so this fun little flower pot is SO fun to make! You get nice and dirty playing with collage, gellatoes, whipped spackle and stamps... we're using them all and more!

After the class is finished I will post a youTube video on how to make this as well as provide a template for you all to print and use to cut out the above shapes if you're not confident in your drawing abilities. I just loved this saying I found for it as well, it's symbolic to me right now as I'm hoping the Spring to my long winter is arriving and I can grow out of the *dirt* and bloom again. It's been a tough haul.
I'm really glad you stopped by here, please, let me know if you're interested in my teaching anywhere. Or just any questions you might have in general.
Happy creating peeps!!!

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