Monday, March 9, 2015

Art Journal Entry ~ Big Cups!

Hello bloggers! I have been posting alot on FaceBook and I really need to spread myself out some on the various social networks and blogging. I have been with Google + for awhile now and I will have to fix some of my links on the side bar here. I will post some of them in this post for you as well at the end. I just wanted to jump on here and share my latest art journal entry. This wasn't for life book, it was just for me, for fun. :) LOng time ago I started watching Vicki from Clips and Cuts art journal videos (if you don't know who Im talking about you MUST check her stuff out!) and well I just wanted to do something sort of in her style. So I reverted back to my favorite theme in my art and that is COFFEE of course! haha

I started with the awesome new Prima paper pads Jodi Lee Butterfly Collection. These papers are not only stunning, but I swear are made for us collage loving mixed media artists!! I loved this one of course as it was full of tea cups and pretty scripts and flowers, Stunning really. I have used them in the background as well as I drew and cut out the cups and the letters on this paper.

Im not sure how everyone else is when they are creating but sometimes the process for me is almost painful! I get stuck, hate where things are going, agonize over colours and ugh.. sometimes it takes so long as I hate the work almost all the way thru and refuse to give up!! And while this one started that way abit, after I put the background down and used some TH Stencils for the damask texture I just stopped and was worried this was going to be another one of *those* type pages. But then I went to work on it yesterday and it just flowed freely! Much like the coffee pouring out of the cups! And now I'm really happy about it and I think I will turn this one into a canvas soon. (right now I have 2 other paintings on the go and some classes to design FIRST!)

Now I took some other photos of this, close ups of each page, but I have a really tough time with Blogger lately rotating my photos on their side... Anyone else have this issue? I will resave them over and over trying to get the file right but... I don't know what I am doing wrong. I will post them on the following social sites if you wanna check them all out!

I will post my YouTube for you later when it's got something cool to look at! lol

Thanks for being here!

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