Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scrapbook Forever

This was a fun project I did recently. Made one for each of my scrappin addict buds! It was SO much fun. I got the idea from a lady on Scrapbook.com who had made a similar doorknob hanger with this stamp and saying. The layout is totally different, but I used her initial idea. So it's on a 8x11 canvas. I painted it with MM Chocotate Brown paint, and may I just make a little note here that this paint ROCKS! OMG!! I painted 3 canvasses with this colour and it barely made a dint in the bottle AND it covers beautifully! And dries fast! There's nothing bad I can say about this stuff!! Anyhow...moving on!! LOL The stamp is from Hanna Stamps, domestic diva I believe is her name. LOVE it!! She comes with all the little cleaning supplies stamps as well. SO cute! on the little sign it says, "A Clean House is a sign of a Lazy Stamper!!" Too cute! Papers are from CTMH. I cut the title out with my Cricut and then ran them thru the cuttlebug to emboss. I loved making this....I've made another canvas which I will post soon. But they're becoming a little addiction. Just like mini books and card making.... I swore I'd not do anything but scrapbook, that I was too far behind to do other stuff.... but c'est la vie! I'm hooked on them all!!

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Eulanda said...

This is so cool. I'm not good at altering anything......well honestly not like I've tried but it wouldn't turn out like this. LOL! Love all the bellas too.