Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

OMGoodness! I got a Blog Award from my sweet teamate Meridith how awesome is that?!?! I dont think I've gotten an award before... so that makes it even more special!!
Now along with this award I need to do a couple little things, First one was to post it on your blog (done!!) Next up, tell 3 things about yourself....
1.) Im a Stamp and Paper HOARDER (no really! I am!! Why dont you believe me?!? LOL)
2.) I AM THE Crazy Cat Lady!! (seriously....look it up, Im sure there's a pic of me...I only have 2 but I fight the urge EVERYDAY to go get more.....get all of them.....)
3.) I NEED's not a like or a love.... it is a necessity to my life and my marriage. :o) Without it.....Im evil. LOL (oh and if it's not GOOD coffee....'s not a pretty scene) up I have to....Post a pic I LOVE.....oh.... which one?!?!? Cant pick so you get 4.....
My Very Own Black Cat....They're not bad luck at all!!
My Son's Deceptively Sweet Looking Cat.....SHE is evil.
My "Horse Dog" and his favorite thing. The dog we spent a small fortune on.

My sweet broken Sled Dog (broken as in she prefers the couch to raceing) :o)
Ok and the finnally, I must pass this along to 5 people!! Oh to pick just 5!! LOL


Obsessed Momma said...

Wow it's amazing how a few words and pics can describe you to a T!!
You of course deserve this award!!And to pass it along to me!!
OH MY !! I'm blushing and smiling.Thanks Hun!

Hill Top Creations said...

Congratulations could not go to a better person. Take Care love your animals too.

Teila said...

Congratulations Darlin', you totally deserve it (and more)!
Luvs ya girlfriend - MWAH!

Adria (I now have 3 Copics!) Slauterbeck said...

LOL. love the pics.

but...i hate to burst your bubble, hun... I AM THE CRAZY CAT LADY!

I'm crazy.
I have cats; more than you.


ms.espresso said...

Congrats girlie! Very well deserved & It's such a cute award, too :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cheri, you sooo deserve this. It is so exciting and I know I love following your blog. I also thank you very much for including me in you 5 people to pass this along too, I feel honored and grateful. The pics of your animals are soo cute and they are truely part of the family. I know I feel that way about my 2 fur babies. Your pics and posts definately describe the fantastic girlie I have come to know and call a friend. Again, congrats Cheri and thanx.

Gemma said...

Congrtas! Well done, well deserved, great pictures! Hugs Gemma

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Cheri!!! :) I am surprised to hear that this is your first, because I so LOVE your blog!


I saw a picture of your beautiful craft room (I think the one you posted back in July, sometime) and find it hard to believe that you're such a looks pretty clean & organized to me!