Friday, September 11, 2009

Shelley's Toilet Card

OK, I'm gonna give you a little background to this GREAT card my best friend/fellow paper crafter enthusiast/enabler Shelley has made me. On one of her trips here to Williams Lake to visit me she got hooked on Quickutz. Our LSS is a big promoter of the product and Shelley fell in love with their stuff. However at the coast (where she lives) there seems to be a lack of stores that sell them. Therefore I am her "dealer" for QK Products. When QK announced this past summer this line of dies that had household items she frantically emails me in dire NEED (as only fellow paper artists can TRULY understand) of the TOILET die! I was  not as enthusiastic, asked why in the (bad word) she needed a (nother bad word) Toilet die?!?! She replied, and I laughed my head off.... "For when someone's had a crappy day!" OMG! She cracks me up. SO! If you've been reading my posts of the past week, I've had a couple bad days. Bad news, bad mood and just....well....crappy week! SO! In the mail yesterday I recieve this......

We should all have a friend such as this! LOL
Thanks Shelley. I love it and you. ;o)


crazymomma said...

Very creative! I really like the wall in the background.I too questioned these dies but I'm a little inspired now!!

Eulanda said...

BROL!! OMG Shelley you are hilarious! I love it!! Love that she made the bg look like tiled wall in a bathroom. Too funny!