Sunday, December 7, 2014

Art Journal Fun

Hi Everyone! Long Lost blogging Graphicat here! LOL I promise I have not fallen off the planet and quit being creative! I've actually working on a lot of different projects lately. Some are Christmas gifts that I don't want to show before they go to their new homes... and then I just have a hundred little and bigger projects on the go these days. I've been really focusing on the art side of things lately, drawing and painting. I especially am loving all the different art journals and sketch books I've been playing in. This post is about one of these journals I'm kinda pumped about.... I made it... the WHOLE thing! Cool hey?! I am working this one into a future course to go all year in 2015.
First! We will make this journal by hand using up scrap papers from your stash! Wrapped in canvas that we have gesso'd and painted, drawn on, glued on...whatever tickles your fancy. I drew this coffee mug as you all know that's one of my obsessions! Then we put together sleeves of various papers and bind them into the journal. Now I don't know why I didn't take a picture to show you the inside, I'll see if I can find one to show ya later!
Next we will work on different techniques and projects to fill up this journal. One of my many obsessions right now is Zentangles! LOVE these! I can sit in the living room with my boys and watch TV with them while almost mindlessly doodling these different patterns! So fun! I will cover lots of these different patterns in this class if you're interested, maybe even do a complete separate class just teaching the xentangle basics. If you're curious, check out my Zen Pinterest Board 
This first page below is my favorite design to doodle, it looks like basket weaving. Then I followed an idea I saw on pinterest and added designs to the ribbons on the weave AND then coloured them with Prisma Pencils and Gel pens! This page is 6"x12" kraft, one of the smaller size papers that are in this journal, I love having different sizes and patterns in here!

Another Zentangle doodle I loved doing is this heart flourish below! this one is really SO easy and looks so pretty I think, on kraft paper and coloured with fun gel pens!!

haha... OK... so apparantly I'm on a kraft paper kick! I just LOVE how prismacolours look on the kraft. Especially the white!!! OMG! in love!!! Another passion of mine is lettering and quotes and I'me having such fun drawing out these kinda DIY graphics!! Another fun class to teach in the art journaling club!

Below is another fun page I will just continue to add stuff to, little doodles of my favorite things! I wasn't really happy with how the colouring turns out on the patterned paper... but oh well... it's just for fun and trying out ideas! 

That's it for today! Just an example of some fun I'm having in this journal and planing out some classes to teach in 2015! I will be making youtube videos of the class as well so stay tuned!!!

So glad you stopped by!! 

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Carla Harkies said...

Sooooooo glad to see you here again my friend! Love seeing your creativity, art and all things you do. Beautiful!! Hope to see more of your posts popping up! Big hugs.